Our kids are our future, and Rhode Island needs leaders who will help develop a world class education system to help all our kids meet their potential and have the opportunity to succeed. Unfortunately, Rhode Island’s Lieutenant Governor Dan McKee seems more interested in carrying forward the big money agenda of Trump’s billionaire (and anti-public education activist) Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos than making sure that all our kids get what they need.   

Speaking at a closed-door meeting DeVos praised McKee for advancing Trump’s anti-public school agenda, saying, “I appreciate your leadership on this issue and thank you for promoting these reforms.”

We can’t trust our public schools to Dan McKee when he is being supported by Republican billionaires like the Waltons (the family behind Walmart) and Republican donor Stacy Schusterman. And it’s no surprise that McKee is being supported by 50CAN, the conservative education reform vehicle whose former director Jim Blew is now helping Betsy DeVos carry out her agenda at the Trump Department of Education. Nor is it surprising that McKee was backed heavily—to the tune of $150,000 in 2014—by the Walton Family Foundation, who has financed the DeVos education agenda for years, contributing an average of 32% of the funding to DeVos’s Alliance for School Choice between 2004-2014.

Dan McKee is working an angle, but he’s not working in the best interest of our kids. Rhode Island needs a Lt. Governor that will support our kids and public education system – not one who will turn our public schools into into a playground for billionaires.

We can’t trust our kids’ future to Dan McKee. There’s a better choice for Rhode Island families. Vote for Aaron Regunberg for Lieutenant Governor.